A Picture Says 1,000 Words…..

THIS was the scene in the lunchroom at work on Friday, when Graham, Dean, Rob and Nick, decided that they were going to share an entire chocolate cake from Dominick’s, along with TWO PERCENT MILK, while they kvetch to get all caught up on the office gossip.

A couple of weeks ago, these guys got together and decided they would buy a chocolate cake and split it for a “snack” and enjoy it with some milk. (Word on the street is that someone did not particularly like the Boston Cream Pie Cake that had been brought in that day, but I cannot comment on the veracity of that.) Although I was kindly offered a piece of the original deliciousness, they had the cake on a Wednesday, which is weigh-in day, so I did not partake. I did, however, rant that only men would go out and buy an ENTIRE CAKE for a snack, and then proceed to cut it into 4 pieces, which each gent getting a quarter of the cake. Aside from the sheer gluttony of such a decision, only men would have the ability to eat 1/4 of a cake and NOT immediately have it appear on their ass or thighs. The other women in the office agreed with me and confirmed the truth of that comment!

Almost two weeks went by and we did not see a re-emergence of the cake, so I thought it had been a one-time thing.  UNTIL FRIDAY.  At which time, a walk by the lunchroom revealed the four above gentleman partaking in yet another cake, with more 2% milk!!! (Who over the age of 10 drinks anything but skim these days anyway?) Seriously, the torture is just not even funny on that score!

The best part, though, my fair readers, is what they have decided to do for next week, and presumably the weeks beyond  — SHEET CAKE! Their new theory is that if they buy a sheet cake at Costco on Monday, they’ll have enough cake for their daily snack for the entire week, and will save more money than if they buy an individual cake each day.  Although I sincerely applaud the financial stability of this decision, I have to say to them, I NOW CONSIDER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GUYS A PERSONAL TORTURER OF MINE!  There is nothing better than a piece of good cake, and to know that they are going to be enjoying it every day within feet of my desk is an awful bit of knowledge.  However, I am going to turn it into a challenge –> can I resist the temptation and stay the course with my weight loss and food goals? I’m going with yes.  I’ll keep you all updated.

Until then, I bid you all a lovely Saturday!


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