Goodbye you sack of potatoes!

Yup, that’s right, kids, I was down 3.2 lbs at my Wednesday WW weigh-in and that pushed me past another 5lb marker! Which means I get a sticker:) I do like stickers, which are a visual representation of my success.  But those bastards at WW also took away 2 of my points for food. It is taking me a few days to adjust, but I’m sure I’ll live!

It’s hard to think of 5 lbs being a LOT when I look at what I’d like to lose, but for those who wish to see the visual representation — here ya go — here is what 5 lbs looks like:

THAT is a frightening thought — to think that weight that comprised a sack of potatoes was on my thighs and ass — ICKY! The sweet smell of success is intoxicating enough, but what is more inspirational and motivational is not having THAT come back to my body!  Which is good because I’ve got quite an active schedule of exercise coming up this week between yoga and Zumba (I got my half-price class card this week on MamaLoot, did you???) Until next time, keep it healthy!


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