The Good, The Bad & The Goals…sans Clint Eastwood

So, it has been a VERY busy last two weeks for me, from getting engaged (YAY!), to the holiday weekend, getting Patrick to and from the PAX convention in Seattle, and hitting up a family wedding and a multitude of other Labor Day happenings. It is hard to even know where to start, so let’s jump right in!

Last Wednesday, Patrick and I went to our local comic book store, Brainstorm Comics, to pick up our weekly comics and catch up on the happenings with Rob, Matt and Sean. When I was handed my stack of comics, there was one on top that didn’t look familiar and was a different size. As I looked closer, I saw the comic had a picture of me on the front — “WTF” was my immediate thought. So, I opened it, and read it, and I realized that Patrick had made it for me and it was a comic book proposal! Of course, I said yes, and we are now being inundated with questions of all types regarding the wedding, and some have even moved on to when we are having kids.  Um, let’s slow that train down a little bit people. Unfortunately, we were the only two people who thought we should get to enjoy being engaged for a week or so before the wedding fervor started!

Sadly, the day after Patrick proposed, he had to board a plane to head to Seattle for his first-ever PAX convention…with airfare courtesy of my parents’ frequent flier miles (thanks, mom and dad!).  Lucky for me, I’m pretty comfortable hanging out on my own.  I had an entire weekend of activities planned, including enjoying an entire bottle of wine while finishing a book during the thunderstorms we had here on Thursday night. Sometimes, it IS the little things.

Although, as this blog is largely about my weight loss attempts, etc., I should point out that Thursday night was pretty much where the being “good” and “sticking to the Plan” part of the weekend went south.  I got home from work and errands late and did not feel like cooking.  And, since it was just me at home, it didn’t seem worthwhile to do anything other than order takeout from, of all places, Leona’s. However, while it IS possible to order food from Leona’s that is Points friendly and would keep me on Plan, ordering from Leona’s while starving is NEVER a good idea….chicken and pasta and cheesy garlic bread later, I was happy as a clam and stuffed like a hog headed for slaughter. I honestly was not too worried about it and was not going to feel guilty about it either, because I was hungry, I enjoyed what I had a taste for and I didn’t eat all the garlic bread by myself:) Course, I didn’t write down what I ate either, or the Points associated with the bottle of wine that I drank, but such is life. I feel like it is remarkable progress that I did not, and do not, feel guilty about taking some time off the WW wagon.

On to the “good” as it relates to food — on Saturday, I was going to a wedding for Patrick’s cousin, and had actually planned for what our meeting leader Maggie calls a “planned diversion,” where I know that I am going to go over on my Points. I mean, it IS a wedding and there IS going to be cake there, so it would be rude not to eat the cake, right?  Except for, wait for it, they did NOT serve cake. Or any type of pastry dessert.  Yes, that’s right, you read correctly–no cake, no pies, no cupcakes, NADA. What we DID get instead was a single scoop of vanilla ice cream with generic toppings from Costco so we could make our own ice cream sundaes.  Lesson #1 in wedding planning: do not gip people out of their cake.  There was practically an insurrection led by Patrick’s grandmother. The WW bonus of the lack of cake was that I didn’t end up using the remainder of my weekly points allowance on dessert. Yay!

All of this, however, leads me to reassessing my goals. I had been posting weekly goals for a while, and many of them have become habit at this point, which is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! However, I realized that on top of the small weekly goals, I need some hard-core motivation too. Something that will make me want to get up and go outside for a walk (or even, God forbid, a run), especially as the weather gets colder outside. So now, I have decided to attach some “incentives” to my weight loss.  Drumroll, please…..

1.  When I lose 30 pounds (total from my starting weight), I get to treat myself to a new tattoo.  I have been wanting a tattoo for a while now, but had not yet taken the plunge to go and get it done. Now, I know that in order to get the tattoo, I have to get off the couch and get moving.

2.  When I hit the 50 pound mark, I am going to treat myself to a new purse.  OMG, I love purses, and I got the new Coach catalog that has some really gorgeous pieces in it. This alone is motivation to make me want to run in place at my desk while at work.

3.  When I hit the 100 pound mark, I am going to treat myself to the new digital, SLR camera that I wanted to get. I’ve developed an interest in photography and would like to upgrade the quality of my camera. Now, for every pound I lose, I am going to be one step closer to getting that camera and taking all the amazing, high-resolution pictures that I want.

Now, off to enjoy a walk, with jogging intervals mixed in, as I work toward goal number 1, a smokin’ hot new tattoo!


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Goals…sans Clint Eastwood

  1. I am cracking up about the wedding cake (or lack thereof). I seriously did not want to have cake at my wedding — it is so expensive, and I knew despite all assurances to the contrary that my jerky ex-husband would shove it in my face (why did I marry him??). Yet, I knew there would be insurrection if I didn’t. So, I had it, and yes, my jerky ex shoved it in my face. But there was no insurrection.

    Also — there is a gorgeous purple Coach bag that I COVET, so I think your goal is quite good. Good luck!

    1. DuPuis, I gotta tell you, the no cake thing was a travesty of international proportions. I mean, it is one day going to be up there with Katrina, World War II, and a wedding with no cake. Not even a cupcake for God’s sake. What is wrong with people, I ask you?

      And also, um, YOU WERE MARRIED????? I had no idea! And yes, I covet every purple bag from Coach right now. There are so many that I need, er, I mean, want.

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