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Change, You’ve Come at a Good Moment in Time….

This morning, Weight Watchers officially unveiled their new PointsPlus plan, which they have been leading up to in the past few weeks.  I logged on to the WW site, which finally works with Google Chrome, my browser of choice, and checked out the beginnings of the new program.  It’s a BIG change from the way things have been done in the past by WW.  Big change! And frankly, it seems to have come at a time when I’ve hit an all-time low and become complacent in my dedication to the plan, working out, etc.


How did Fatty Gal become so complacent you ask, dear reader (and I mean all 3 of you when I say that)? Well, complacency is bred by comfort. Over the past few weeks, I have to admit that I haven’t been writing down everything I eat, because I was keeping a mental tally in my head and knew the approximate Points values of my regular foods. I’ve also become MUCH better at eating vegetables and making sure that fruits and veggies are a part of our meals, etc. So, I knew I was getting a lot of good foods, with zero or limited points values, mixed in too. But what I realized over the gluttony that was Thanksgiving, and believe me, I enjoyed the day of food to the greatest extent humanly possible, was that I needed to get back to the basics, which for me means tracking, measuring and being mindful.


Let’s face it, here in Chicago, it is also quickly getting really cold, which makes me want to do nothing more than curl up on the couch, under a blanket, with a steaming hot mug of hot cocoa and nosh my way through til spring. I know that it is not a good idea, but my body and mind are going into hibernation mode and I’ve been thinking over the past week or so that unless I want to be air-lifted out of our house this coming spring, I’m going to have to just bite the bullet, get outside in the cold and get a grip back into the world of reality.


Thus, what better than the unveiling of a NEW Points Plan that is going to require me to relearn the tracking system, be committed to writing everything down, and watch what I toss in my maw? I know, it has come right when it needed to.  Upon cursory investigation, the new PointsPlus Plan looks interesting, and I’m curious to learn more….I’m definitely going to have to hit up my weekly meeting on Wednesday to get the low-down, as I somehow now have 48 daily points, 49 weekly points to use, and all the previously assigned Points values that I knew and loved and relied on, are all wonky. Fruit is zero points? Really? Sweet.  But wait, a chicken breast is now more points? Waaaah!


Darwin taught us that if we don’t adapt, we will drift off into extinction. So, it’s time for me to get my game back on and learn the new ways before I become a dinosaur!

I Swear, I Haven’t Died and Been Eaten by the Pugs…..

As I sat down to dinner with Patrick a couple of nights ago, he pointed out that I hadn’t written on my blog in a while….and I realized, holy shit, that’s right, I haven’t. Which got me thinking as to why? Why haven’t I followed up on this project, kept blogging and entertaining the inter-google world with my wit and witticism on being fat and trying to battle it? Well, simply put, we had a lot of family drama and life changes that got in the way….add in laziness and bam, that’s where I went.


During the past month when we have been dealing with all sorts of crazy family stuff, personal stuff, job stuff, etc., I have to admit that I also got off the Weight Watchers bandwagon for a bit. I haven’t been to a meeting in 2 weeks and I realized this morning that I actually miss it.  The good thing during this time, though, is that while I haven’t been faithfully attending WW, or counting and calculating points non-stop, I have done pretty decently with eating, making sure I have veggies and not eating out. (I say this after we had pizza last night and went out for a good old-fashioned diner breakfast this morning…, basically, we’ve done well up until the past two days.)


I also realized that I need to get back on track NOW, as we are entering the most dangerous time of the year for us fatties–winter….it is cold outside, it is chilly inside and there is nothing better than to curl up with piping hot, calorie-laden beverages, oink out on soups filled with butter and cheese, and of course, the holidays.  As I write this, I literally have an apple pie cooking in the oven. The solace I take in that is that (a) I needed to test out the new recipe before Thanksgiving dinner, (b) we had about 2 tons of apples in our house from our weekly produce share and couldn’t eat them all before they go bad without cooking them, and (c) by making my own pie, at least I can control the amount of sugar that goes in, limiting calories and keeping the Points value down. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I certainly didn’t also think while I was making the pie how great it would go with some vanilla ice cream and that it wouldn’t take much to pop out to the store to grab some, but I didn’t. And I guess, as of right now, that’s progress.


I’ve also been lax in exercising during the past month, for which there is absolutely NO EXCUSE that is acceptable in any dimension….I have the time to do it, the physical ability to do it, and I have plenty of outdoor, weather appropriate gear for doing it.

As of today, I’ve decided to get back on the bandwagon…..time to focus on eating healthy, avoiding take-out (even though we usually only hit it up once a week), and get outside to exercise. I know I’ll look better when I do it, but more importantly, I know I’ll feel better when I do it and have some extra much-needed energy as we head into the holiday season.


So I’m back, and going to be kicking ass and taking names!