The Garden, Phase II — the South will Rise Again, or Something Like That….

A quick recap dear readers.  When last we parted ways, I had built 2 beautiful garden boxes for use in our yard, only to be shot down by the landlord who knows nothing. It was time to go back to the drawing board and rethink how I was going to approach this project to accomplish my goals, which were delicious veggies in a small area, and minimizing contact with the LL.  While I worked on plotting out my plan for how best to accomplish these goals, I decided I needed to get my window boxes with herbs done, as well as get my strawberry plants and jalapeno peppers potted.

On the porch outside our back door, we have 2-24″ window boxes that I’ve hung over the railing.  They get decent sun and are the perfect place to grow herbs as they are within steps of the kitchen.  This year, we decided to plant Cilantro, German Thyme and Garlic Chives (in the box that appears on the right in this photo, but is on the left when coming out the back door).  In the left (really the right) box, we planted Fennel, Rosemary and arugula.  I took this picture of the window boxes while standing on the deck…it doesn’t show off with true accuracy just how pretty the herbs look in the window boxes, especially when the sun hits them.

In addition to the herb window boxes, we also planted a beautiful, large pot of Rosemary, as it is fragrant and to useful in cooking all the way through the winter.  Hopefully, this plant will last indoors again, like our Rosemary from 2 winters did.

We also did some small pots on the ledge of our porch that have English tarragon and basil, and of course, our Jade plant that is now flourishing in the sun.

And yes, I know you’re all wondering, that IS a frog watering can in the right corner of the picture, with its tongue sticking out.  I won it at a garden party a friend of mine threw several years ago and it is just too funny not to keep and display!

With the herb window boxes and planters done, I moved on to the strawberries and jalapenos.  Both plants will grow like gangbusters, if I just got them going.  After the drama with the LL, I got out the individual, plastic planters that I have from years past and started in on them.  Each planter got 1 plant of it’s own — final count:  3 jalapeno, 3 strawberries.  The planters are on our deck, near the upside-down tomato planter.


Peppers:  Ooh, I cannot wait for these to grow and be harvested — so many great things to do with peppers!

After getting all of these plants settled, we had some nice sunny and warm weather, and we got our first strawberry bud on one of the plants! Success!

Next post — after the success of the herbs, jalapenos and strawberries, I finally get the garden plot all sorted out, planted and producing! Stay tuned….


4 thoughts on “The Garden, Phase II — the South will Rise Again, or Something Like That….

  1. This is the first time I’m growing tomatoes. I just took photos and they’re covered in blossoms! Blossoms = tomatoes. Yum!!! I can’t wait. I like you’re resourcefulness. Hey, you gotta do what you can. And does your LL live under a rock? Who doesn’t want a beautiful yard? It’s not permanent. gees!

    1. Oooh, yay! Good luck with your tomatoes. Illinois was hit with a tomato virus last year and I got 2 tomatoes before all my plants went down for the count. There is truly nothing as amazing as a fresh grown tomato from your own garden. Currently, our beans are growing like gangbusters. I planted SEEDS 1.5 weeks ago and the beans are already 3 inches high. I can’t wait for the day I can actually harvest them. And yes, LL lives under a very peculiar rock. Peculiar is the only way to describe him.

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