RibFest, or as I like to call it, The Best Way to Spend a Sunday!

Just a quick post about what we did last Sunday.  It was the annual RibFest in Chicago (on Lincoln from Irving Park to Montrose).  What could be better than a 75 degree sunny Sunday in Chicago, spent with friends at a RibFest, oinking on ribs, grabbing beers and having fun with some of our best friends? Not much, I tell ya.  It was a great opportunity for some pictures, which I feel compelled to share as sort of a “picto-blog” of our day.


Seems like everybody else had the same idea we did on how to spend a non-rainy day in Chicago.  I literally just held the camera up and took the picture.  Ah, the joys of being tall.  This is the crowd down Lincoln Avenue as we all queue up for ribs.


Our first stop of the day — Brown Trout!


Where we got our first sweet corn of the season.  And ginger ale and lime slushees.

This is what happiness looks like.  Sweet corn is Patrick’s favorite food and he’s gobbling up the first sampling of the season.


No street fest would be complete without two random guys with a guitar playing old Johnny Cash songs behind the grills.


Fifteen minutes in and we’ve lost Neal.  He went to the beer tent and never returned.  I resorted to trying to find him via taking pictures.  It didn’t work.  He did turn up about 20 minutes later, though.  With beer and ribs.  He was okay.


See? Beer in hand, all is okay!


The ribs? Well, they were finger-licking good! Course, when aren’t ribs finger-licking good?

We lost Neal yet again….but in our search for him, came across a mobile pork smoker! I have to admit, that’s one truck I wouldn’t mind being behind on the road!


We found Neal again (only the second time he got lost, people, the day is still young!), but he was just browsing at one of the fine local retailers offering inflatable superheros.  (I seriously hope he wasn’t shopping for a wedding present for us there:))


After some more beers, and ribs, and watching of pork being cooked, we decided we were ready to wrap up the day.  We all wanted something sweet, decided to grab some malts from The Malt Shoppe booth (fantastic, you really must try them sometime), and of course, Neal got lost again.  We were able to establish cell phone contact, Neal told us he was in the CVS parking lot waiting for us and off we went.




I have to admit, at this point, we were all tired of crowds and just wanted to go home and kick back….however, as we were down a man, we had to improvise on the relaxation techniques of our choice while we waited for him to show up.  Thank God for good cell phone service!


And, finally, Neal was located.  In the children’s play area NEAR the CVS parking lot:


So, that’s how we spent OUR Sunday in the city.  No better way to do it!


1 thought on “RibFest, or as I like to call it, The Best Way to Spend a Sunday!

  1. More reasons to meet you and Patrick in person some day… I love sweet corn too! And Ribs. And we all like to eat. We need to do this thing. 🙂

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