Kick Ass Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Hello Fair Readers! Yes, I know, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I wish I had some really awesome excuse as to why I hadn’t been online (like, winning the lottery and sailing the world in my new yacht) but no such luck. Sometimes, it’s just laziness. I’ve got ideas. I’ve got posts rolling around in my head. It always just seemed, though, that when the time came to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingertips to keyboard, something else always came up. I had wanted to change the theme of the blog up a bit, and update the world on our eating style (paleo, awesome, loving it). All will come in due time, I swear.

For now, though, I wanted to publish a quick recipe that after many, many, many, many, many attempts at perfecting I finally perfected. This one is also a special shout out to Meme Bennett, the mother of one of my dearest college friends. And sort of a follow-up to my last post about Wildfire Restaurant.

At Wildfire, some of their steaks have this AH-MAZING red wine reduction sauce drizzled so lovingly over the top of the steak you order. It is rich and sumptuous and is so good it makes you want to cry. Literally. I’ve tried for years to perfect it, and couldn’t get it right. I had pretty much given up on it altogether….UNTIL, Friday evening, I ACCIDENTALLY stumbled across the perfection that it is. I wasn’t even trying to replicate the Wildfire sauce, it just happened.  The key that I had been missing for all these years? Demi-glace sauce! That was my missing ingredient. Had I known to use a demi-glace sauce for the base of my reduction, I’d have been eating this deliciousness for the last several years.

Now, I warn you, it is time consuming to make your own demi-glace….not much work at all, but you have to be home to check on it so you can watch the stovetop. I’m also giving you the “quick” demi-glace recipe and not the one that requires you to go out and slaughter your own cow and butcher it and then take 2 small bones from it and use them as a base.

Easy Demi-Glace:


2 Quarts Beef Stock (I used Meijer 99% Fat Free Organic Beef Broth)

3 Tablespoons red wine of your choice (I used some cheap Meijer Merlot that came in a box [shame face], but it’s going to cook out)


In a stock pot, pour in your beef broth and your red wine, and bring to a rolling boil. Once you’re at the boiling point, reduce the heat on the stove to the lowest possible setting and let the sauce simmer away for about 3-4 hours. Yup. Just let it simmer away, filling your house with amazing smells. You want it to reduce down to about 1-2 cups of liquid. It’s going to get thicker and you’ll know the demi-glace is done when it coats the back of a spoon.

Store your demi-glace in Mason jars and refrigerate after cooking.

Once you’ve got your demi-glace made, it’s time to make your red wine reduction sauce.

Red Wine Reduction Sauce Ingredients:


1 Small Shallot, super finely minced (I actually food processed the hell out of mine)

1/2 cup red wine of your choice (again, I used cheap Merlot)

1/4 cup of your Demi-Glace sauce that you made

1 teaspoon red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Salt and pepper to taste


1.I made my red wine reduction sauce in the same large skillet that I cooked my steaks in, to give it that wonderful flavor. So, in your large skillet that you cooked your meat, toss in the shallot after you’ve removed your meat and cook it in the leftover juices of your meat. You only want to get it tender, so cook for about 2-3 minutes.

2.  Add in the red wine, demi-glace, and red-wine vinegar. Bring to a rolling boil over high heat and add your salt and pepper. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to taste test the entire time you’re cooking this:) If the sauce tastes too astringent for your personal comfort, add in beef broth in 1 Tablespoon increments. This will help cut away the acidity of the red wine a bit.

3. Let the sauce just boil away, reducing until it’s to your preferred level of thickness. Once you’ve got the sauce to the thickness you desire, add in the tablespoon of butter and stir it into the sauce with your spoon. Once it’s all melted in, turn off the stove (this is an important step, believe me) and pour it lovingly over the steak of your choosing. Or pork chops. Or chicken even. It’ll be great on everything!

After I realized the perfection that I had stumbled upon while making this sauce (demi-glace, demi-glace), I tried it a second time, this time with some herbs to make it an herb and red wine reduction sauce. You can add whatever herbs you like to your personal taste palete. Personally, I used the following:

2 Teaspoons minced chives (I used garlic chives I had from last summer’s garden)

2 Teaspoons fresh minced parsley leaves

1 Teaspoon fresh minced tarragon leaves

Add the herbs into the sauce when you add the liquids and let them cook in as you simmer away.



4 thoughts on “Kick Ass Red Wine Reduction Sauce

    1. I think you could make it ahead and then just reheat it in the saucepan on the day you serve it. I saved my leftover sauce in the fridge and had it on some leftovers last night and it was just as good (original was made Friday). It is SO DARN GOOD

  1. Ooh! I’m not only excited to try this, but that you blogged!!! 🙂 Welcome back. And of course you have to try it as you go, plus drink some of that wine. It’s the Julia (only) way… at least in my kitchen. hehe

    seriously though, glad to have you back.

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