Things I Like Thursday, er, Friday, er, WHAT DAY IS IT?!?

So, fair readers, I’ve been thinking in my head about this post for a few days now and have finally sat down to write it. Some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers are the ones that are a quick roundup of the funny and awesome things that they have seen, or done, or found on the intergoogles. And as I’ve been perusing the intergoogles myself these past few weeks, I’m reminded of how much awesome stuff is out there and feel compelled to share some of it.

Also, on an unrelated side note, all day yesterday I thought it was Friday…..until 3/4 through my work day whilst in the ladies room I realized, “I think it’s only Thursday” and had to confirm with a coworker. File that under signs you’re in the beginning of an 8-day stretch.


Where have I been these past few weeks, you ask? Well, getting acclimated to a new job in Evanston. Same job really (still management) but in a different store…..this time in a really close suburb of Chicago. It means different commute times, new people (so many names, finally mastering them), new regular customers, new routines to get used to. The BEST part of the new store, though, has to be my significantly decreased commute time. How is that possible in a city with such notoriously bad traffic as Chicago, you ask? One word: METRA. It really IS the way to fly. We are lucky enough to live a 7 minute walk to the Ravenswood Metra station, which whisks me away up to Evanston (and back) on a daily basis. Total train time? 10 minutes. 3 stops. I’m dropped off a block away from my new store in the heart of downtown E-town (what I now call Evanston as of this exact minute). Now I have fun time on my commute and walk to listen to Podcasts, which are totally my new jam, and catch up on reading and portable knitting projects (read: NOT my cousin’s baby blanket which is now getting quite large…..and needs to be finished since she had the baby this morning!).

First new/old favorite thing……a roundup of a few good podcasts. My favorite, by far, is The Indoor Kids.  This is a podcast featuring Emily V. Gordon and her husband, Kumail Nanjiani, who is a comedian and actor and appeared on a bunch of things that when you see him you recognize him immediately. The stated focus of the podcast is them talking about video games…..the reality is that they are a hilarious couple who interact well with each other in the podcast and have a revolving door of awesome guests that DO talk about video games and all sorts of other stuff. One of my favorite episodes of late was the one with Blair Herter and his wife Jessica Chobot as they talked about Bioshock Infinite (watched Patrick play it obsessively for 5 days) and then the podcast devolved into a 60 minute talk about pregnancy and parenting and how crazy it is. It was funny and had me laughing out loud. Even if you’re not really that into video games, I suggest you give it a listen. It is funny and well done.

Another great podcast that I’ve listened to pretty regularly for the past year or so is Knit 1, Geek 2, with SuperKaren and MegaMaggie. It’s a podcast by two knitter friends in the Toronto area. They are self-professed avid knitters AND geeks and each episode they talk about their ongoing knitting projects and wants and lusts, and then dig into all things geekery, like Sherlock, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Hobbit. You know, all the stuff we are all addicted to and love. They are two funny gals and I’ve found their podcasts are the perfect length of time when I take Oscar the Pug for his long walks.

Finally, I’ll wrap up the podcast portion of this post with a mention of Books on the Nightstand.  Shocking that I would listen to a podcast about books, I know, but it is really interesting and they discuss a variety of topics from unlikeable characters in books (this week’s post) to doing author interviews. I think I got to this Podcast through a friend of a friend on Goodreads, but I cannot be certain. Regardless, it is a podcast that I’m glad I’ve found because it is both entertaining and informative and has helped my “to read” list grow exponentially.

This past week, I’ve ended up subscribing to a few new blogs that I am thoroughly in love with and glad that I’ve found. One of the most honest, amazingly strong blogs I’ve read in recent history is The Militant Baker. She shot into my awareness after writing an amazing post in response to the asshole CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch who said he only wanted hot, size 2 people to wear his clothes. Her response addressed body image issues, the fact that barely anybody can actually wear those clothes and that we need to be happy with who we are. I started to explore her blog and it is just plain awesome. She is happy with who she is, she dresses like a rock star and uses her unique voice to share with the world that you CAN be happy regardless of your size. One of my favorite posts I’ve seen from her is this one, where she participated in a project photographing women of all sizes to show beauty and happiness and that we are all flawed and gorgeous at the same time. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that all of her scars and stretchmarks tell a story, from new adventures she tried to the lives of her children, and that she wears them with pride. The Militant Baker reminds me that we can work within ourselves to find happiness with who we are. Great blog, please give her some traffic!

Confession: I’m always super jealous of people who can sew their own clothes and not look like they are wearing clothes that they sewed themselves. I found this blog, LLadybird, through someone else’s weekly blog roundup and have become addicted. Basically, the woman taught herself how to sew and in a few short years is making some uber-complicated stuff that is gorgeous. I’m utterly jealous and in awe and maybe one day when I have oodles of time and money available to me I’ll work on shoring up my sewing skills. Until that time, I will just drool at my computer.

And rounding out the list of awesomeness of the week, bringing us full circle, is Emily V. Gordon’s blog, Gynomite. Just check it out. She’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to swear to get her point across, she’s funny and pokes fun. And also talks about important things that too many people do not. Click the link… know you want to… won’t regret it.

Let’s end the day with the second of the Tina Espresso pictures my adorable husband made for me for work. If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers yet, watch it. If you are a fan, how great was the season finale where Tina gets addicted to espresso?


Have a GREAT holiday weekend, all…..I’ll be working all weekend!

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