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Things I Like Thursday, er, Friday, er, WHAT DAY IS IT?!?

So, fair readers, I’ve been thinking in my head about this post for a few days now and have finally sat down to write it. Some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite bloggers are the ones that are a quick roundup of the funny and awesome things that they have seen, or done, or found on the intergoogles. And as I’ve been perusing the intergoogles myself these past few weeks, I’m reminded of how much awesome stuff is out there and feel compelled to share some of it.

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The NEW Garden Model, in All Its Glory…

Well fair readers, when last we left, I had ripped out the “eyesore” of the wooden garden box (per the LL, not my own personal belief regarding the beautiful box) and removed it to my mom’s house.  While figuring out how best to tackle the large garden area along our garage (think 2.5′ x 16′) we got our jalapenos and strawberries planted in individual plastic containers, and our herb boxes going.  Yet none of this addressed how best to utilize my huge garden plot, without the wooden box that I had originally built for it.   Ultimately, I decided to just do exactly what I was originally going to do, only without the beauty of my wooden boxes.

I made a quick graph on computer paper so that I could determine what plants I wanted to put where in the garden plot.  Now, here’s a quick hint — according to Mel ( my new gardening best friend who I’ve never met), not everything has to be at a 1 plant to 1 square ratio.  As in, there are certain plants that you can pack in more than just 1 into the square foot area that you’ve allocated to them.  I know! What great news. I can maximize my beans and peas and carrots and onions, while still growing 1 red pepper plant behind them.

After consulting with Mel, I divided up the plot into two long rows of square foot sections.  They actually ended up being a little more than 12″ in depth, as I had 2.5 feet, less the 4 inches allocated to my brick and fence exterior. I knew from last year’s garden plot that our cucumber plant will grow absolutely out of control, and will need support.  This was the first year that we were doing beans and peas, but I’d read in my friend Tina’s blog (and others) that you really need good support for those plants as well.  And, I knew from previous experience that our bell pepper plants would need some structure as well.  Herbs, lettuce, carrots and onions, on the other hand, do just fine without any type of structural support.  Therefore, I decided that along the back row of the plot, would be all of the plants that needed structural assistance  Smaller plants would be in the front.

Patrick and I discussed what our gardening/eating goals were and we decided to plant the following:  cucumbers, beans, snap peas, red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, onions, lettuce, mint, cilantro, oregano, basil, and carrots.  Off to Lowe’s!  I got to Lowe’s, realized that although their flower selection was fantastic they didn’t have much in veggies and herbs, and I headed to Home Depot.  Once at HD, I was able to get starter plants of the cucumbers, peppers, and herbs.  Based on the seedling start times and harvest times for the remainder of the veggies, I decided to try my hand with seeds and starting those from scratch.

With plants and seeds purchased, and a break in the rain on the Sunday that I just happened to decide to do all this, I headed outside to work.  Lucky for me, I had already prepped the soil and done all that hard work, so my faithful companion for the day (Scout, my sister-in-law’s pug who was staying with us for a few days) and I set off to work.  Note:  our pug, Oscar, is not the biggest fan of dogging my steps in the garden and following me around.  He’s learned by now that I’m not going anywhere and that I’m not doing anything to interest him, so he just kicked back for some sun on the deck while we worked.

I was still determined to use the Square Foot Gardening Method, as outlined by Mel Bartholomew in his popular gardening book.  I knew I had 2.5′ in depth to work with, and 125″ in length.  I got my trusty tape measure out, along with my twine and I started by blocking off my garden plot into 12″ square areas.

For the back row of plants, working left to right, I planted the squares as follows:

Square 1:  2 cucumber plants

Square 2:  red bell pepper

Square 3:  green bell pepper

Square 4:  yellow bell pepper

Square 5:  bush beans (started from seeds)

Square 6:  snap peas (started from seeds)

Square 7:  carrots (started from seeds)

For the front row of plants, the squares are planted as follows:

Square 1:  Basil

Square 2:  Mint

Square 3:  Cilantro

Square 4:  Greek Oregano

Square 5:  Boston Bibb Lettuce (started from seeds)

Square 6:  Mixed Greens Lettuce (started from seeds)

Square 7: Onions (started from seeds)

This is how it all looked the day we did the planting:

And, some up close pictures of how the individual plants look:

Obviously, the last picture is of the seedlings that I planted.  I left the wrappers as indicators of what we had planted until they started to produce.  Patrick helped me install the little wooden fencing that I had gotten at Lowe’s, which has helped keep Oscar out of the garden.  (Confession: I had nightmares of Oscar jumping into the garden plot and doing his little pug kick and tossing my seeds every which way into the wind.)  It seems that the fence, at about 14 inches high, has proven to be a deterrent for our lazy pug when it comes to jumping and catapulting his body around.

Our last project for the Sunday was to get the tomatoes into the upside down tomato planter. The tomato planter can handle 3 tomato plants, so I had purchased starter plants of beefsteak, plum and large cherry tomatoes.  In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a good looking and healthy tomato plant, just knowing what I’m going to be eating in about 2 months on my salads:

As always, once the plants were in the ground and in their planters there was still more work to be done, but it seemed like a good stopping point on that particular day.  The garden looked GREAT! Our plants were in, our seeds were planted, the fence was up, and it was still warm and sunny outside.  The next morning I pruned the tomato and pepper plants back so that they could focus all their growing energies into the main shoots.

It was time to sit back and enjoy the remainder of a lazy Sunday afternoon, looking at all of my handiwork, and the hard work and planting efforts of my neighbors in their garden plots in the yard.  Yeah, I’ll throw in some more garden porn for everyone here:

The most amazing thing about the whole gardening process, and especially the seeds, is that within a week we started to have sprouts from the seeds that had been planted.  Why? Well, we had some AWESOMELY hot weather here in Chicago for a few days immediately after I planted — 4 days of 95 degrees and higher.  After that, the skies opened up and we had good, healthy rains for the plants to soak up nutrients. But that is for the next post! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of what we have growing in our garden….and growing the stuff is…

I Swear, I Haven’t Died and Been Eaten by the Pugs…..

As I sat down to dinner with Patrick a couple of nights ago, he pointed out that I hadn’t written on my blog in a while….and I realized, holy shit, that’s right, I haven’t. Which got me thinking as to why? Why haven’t I followed up on this project, kept blogging and entertaining the inter-google world with my wit and witticism on being fat and trying to battle it? Well, simply put, we had a lot of family drama and life changes that got in the way….add in laziness and bam, that’s where I went.


During the past month when we have been dealing with all sorts of crazy family stuff, personal stuff, job stuff, etc., I have to admit that I also got off the Weight Watchers bandwagon for a bit. I haven’t been to a meeting in 2 weeks and I realized this morning that I actually miss it.  The good thing during this time, though, is that while I haven’t been faithfully attending WW, or counting and calculating points non-stop, I have done pretty decently with eating, making sure I have veggies and not eating out. (I say this after we had pizza last night and went out for a good old-fashioned diner breakfast this morning…, basically, we’ve done well up until the past two days.)


I also realized that I need to get back on track NOW, as we are entering the most dangerous time of the year for us fatties–winter….it is cold outside, it is chilly inside and there is nothing better than to curl up with piping hot, calorie-laden beverages, oink out on soups filled with butter and cheese, and of course, the holidays.  As I write this, I literally have an apple pie cooking in the oven. The solace I take in that is that (a) I needed to test out the new recipe before Thanksgiving dinner, (b) we had about 2 tons of apples in our house from our weekly produce share and couldn’t eat them all before they go bad without cooking them, and (c) by making my own pie, at least I can control the amount of sugar that goes in, limiting calories and keeping the Points value down. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I certainly didn’t also think while I was making the pie how great it would go with some vanilla ice cream and that it wouldn’t take much to pop out to the store to grab some, but I didn’t. And I guess, as of right now, that’s progress.


I’ve also been lax in exercising during the past month, for which there is absolutely NO EXCUSE that is acceptable in any dimension….I have the time to do it, the physical ability to do it, and I have plenty of outdoor, weather appropriate gear for doing it.

As of today, I’ve decided to get back on the bandwagon…..time to focus on eating healthy, avoiding take-out (even though we usually only hit it up once a week), and get outside to exercise. I know I’ll look better when I do it, but more importantly, I know I’ll feel better when I do it and have some extra much-needed energy as we head into the holiday season.


So I’m back, and going to be kicking ass and taking names!

Pretzels, My Love, We Need to Break Up…..

The one food that I love more than anything else in the world is a pretzel.  Whether it is a soft pretzel eaten from a vendor on a busy city street, one at a sporting event, enjoyed covered with mustard and washed down with beer, or the Rold Gold pretzels at home in that beautiful yellow bag, I love ’em. L-O-V-E them. I also L-O-V-E the salt that covers them, adorning my pretzel so beautifully.

Also, a difficult concept for me to get behind is one of self-deprivation and that I must suffer in order to accomplish something good. (Note: Patrick often tells me that he blames his Catholic upbringing for his constant feeling that if he didn’t have to suffer for something, it isn’t worth having.  I, on the other hand, do not believe that.)  All of this is ultimately why I love the Weight Watchers program so much, because I can still enjoy my favorite foods, just in moderation. But enough about WW, this post is about my ongoing affair with pretzels.

Unfortunately,  these past few weeks have taught me that despite how far I have come on the WW program, in controlling what I eat and my portion sizes, I do not think that I have the ability to control myself when it comes to pretzels. Or actually, as the case may be, the salt that adorns the pretzels.

Each big, beautiful Rold Gold pretzel is 2 Weight Watcher’s points. That isn’t bad, especially when I need my pretzel fix. However, the Weight Watchers Points system has yet to calculate and determine the amount of points associated with me licking my finger, running it through the salt on the bottom of the pretzel bag and then eating that. Repeat about 5 times and that is me on any given day when my hand hits the pretzel bag. Add in that my body seems to adore retaining water when I even look at salt, and I’m sure that you can follow along nicely with my point — > pretzels, no matter how much I build them into my Points system, end up causing me to gain weight when it is time for weigh-in day.  I also get the unfortunate side effect of water weight being that I am bloated, which makes me crabby because I am uncomfortable and my clothes do not fit that well.

Well, the pretzel problem (“PP”), hit a head last week (when I initially started this post and then life got in the way of me finishing it) when I found that my engagement ring was a little bit tight on my finger. Not to the point where I couldn’t wear it, but definitely a little uncomfortable to get on and off. It wasn’t until I was sitting at work having a pretzel (perfect snack size, did I mention that?), and telling a friend about the ring issue, when she said “maybe it’s that pretzel you’re scarfing down.” WHAAAHHH? What you talking about Willis? Well, what she was talking about was 100 percent right — my salt consumption was off the charts (I’m like an alcoholic looking for my fix) and I was bloating up as a result of my affair with my beloved snack food. This, in turn, was affecting my hands too.

Enter:  The Cure.  I decided that to test this theory, I would go off pretzels for a week and see what happened — not too hard since I finished licking the salt out of the pretzel bag the night before and didn’t have more in the house, and they don’t sell my favorite kind at my local grocery store (I have to go a little farther for that).  I went off the pretzels, didn’t have any for a week, and sure enough, as the days wore on, I felt better, less bloating, and surprise, surprise, my ring was comfortable to get on and off again!

The Breakdown:  Last night, I ran into the grocery store for a few items on my way home from work. I was hungry, but stuck to my list UNTIL…..drumroll, please, I was in the frozen food aisle and the snack food aisle is on the other side, and shining down from that high shelf was the exact brand of pretzel that I ADORE — Rold Gold Sourdough with the white salt.

Before I knew what was happening, I threw a bag in my basket, was checking out and at home in my kitchen busting the bag open. Oh God, those pretzels were so fucking good, especially after a week of not having them and not having the salt. Intellectually, I knew that the pretzel incident would not turn out the way I wanted it to, no matter how many times I chanted “they’re just 2 points, they’re just 2 points.” Alas, I woke up this morning, got ready for work and went to put my jewelry on, and sure enough, the ring is a little tight again.

I’ve now recommenced my pretzel deprivation program and I am working on getting through it emotionally — a therapist may or may not be required, but I know I can prevail, so long as I don’t ever buy those pretzels again.  I had expected to be a little upset about the fact that pretzels and I are going to have to break up, and angry at myself for not being able to control myself to even enjoy my favorite snack food in moderation, but I guess that is the point of all addict-recovery programs — you can’t have even a little bit. Pretzels, you are my downfall, and we cannot see each other anymore.  My body will thank me, my sad Panda heart will not.

Weekend Update

One of the most difficult times for me for me to watch my eating and make good food decisions has consistently been the weekend lunch, especially Saturdays.  Since rejoining Weight Watchers this past year, I’ve found that planning lunches during the work week is a breeze.  Dinner during the week is easy too; just look at the calendar, figure out the workout classes and where we are both going to be, and pick something to eat. The weekends? Another story altogether. And I couldn’t put my finger on just why lunch on the weekends was such a difficult time for me until this past Saturday.

Here in Chicago, this past Saturday brought chilly temperatures and rain for a good portion of the morning and afternoon.  It was the perfect day to sleep in with the pugs curled up, and laze about with a cup of coffee and my book.  Sure, I had errands to run, but I just wasn’t feeling it and so I decided to stay in my jammies, do laundry and chill out at home with the dogs, just puttering around the house until I had to be somewhere in the evening. I had a lovely omelet for breakfast, but by lunchtime was stymied as to what I should have for lunch.  I looked through the freezer and fridge and realized that I was out of lunch meat and didn’t have any remaining frozen Smart Ones meals either. And then it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS in the face (go ahead and enjoy that image for a minute)….weekend lunch has been difficult because I had not been planning for it.  Hello, epiphany!

The next question, of course, was why? Why was I not taking the time to plan for at least 2 meals on the weekend? I pondered this a bit while cooking some chicken and pasta for lunch, with remnants of the previous week’s dinners, and realized that during the past year, my weekend schedule had changed substantially from the previous 8 years, and I hadn’t adapted with it.  Specifically, and for those of you who know me I hate to bore you with the little details, I worked in a horrific job that required me to work pretty much every single Saturday, and Sundays from home. My usual routine on a Saturday would be to get up, grab some coffee (skipping breakfast, of course), shower, and head out the door to the office.  I would routinely stop at the Portillo’s drive-thru on my way to the office to pick up lunch, which I would then eat at my office, work through the afternoon and head home by early evening.  Thus, when grocery shopping, I never had to worry about what to eat for breakfast or lunch on Saturday.  Saturday evening was usually spent out with friends, including dinner, and Sunday morning was all about brunch. Yay! Yet more meals that I did not have to plan or worry about…..I’m sure you’re catching the drift here.

Well, let’s fast forward to 2010.  In December 2009, I finally left my shitty, awful job that had me working such ungodly hours and I now have weekends off.  Yes, an entire weekend, from Friday through Sunday!  I didn’t know what to do with myself, and at times I still find myself wondering if it is normal to have 2 whole days where I am not required to be billing hours, putting in face-time at the office and slaving away. The freedom and mental break from work is amazing, but I never really adapted my weekend schedule appropriately since the job change.  Obviously, I’m not running to the office every single Saturday, but I was not making the time to think consciously about my breakfasts and lunches either. When meal-planning, Patrick and I would sit down and discuss the work-week, and our plans for weekend dinners, but breakfast and lunch, unless we had brunch plans, never made the discussion.

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been especially conscious of the fact that I’m out running errands on Saturday without first having breakfast, which just leaves me in a situation where I’m hungry outside of the house, and my choices are limited. With such limited options, I usually end up making a bad decision, whether it is a bagel with cream cheese from Einstein or a Starbucks pastry. Neither is going to have the nutrition that I want for my breakfast, but both will likely have an unnecessary amount of calories fighting for space on my ass. (We won’t even touch on the fact that buying food out is a waste of money, too.) I continue running errands, fast forward, it is lunch and I’m still out and about, I’m hungry again, and I know I don’t have anything to eat at home. What is the answer? Why, stop and grab lunch of course. While I have been better about not eating at drive-thru’s, I have eaten out, which isn’t the best decision either.

This past weekend, however, I realized (see epiphany, above) that it was just plain time to plan my meals for the entire 7-day week, and not just the first 5 days. That is, if I want to continue with my weight loss, feel good about myself and stop wasting money eating out for no reason other than piss-poor planning.  It is sad that something so simply took so long to figure out, but as the French would say, c’est la vie. At least I figured it all out. So, we shall see how this epiphany, and the resulting commitment to planning for meals on the weekends plays out over the next few weeks.  But as my dad always says, if you make a plan and work the plan, that’s 99% of the battle.

Cheese Dogs, Cheese Fries and Baby Steps!

This past WW week (last Wednesday, 8/18 through yesterday, 8/25) was decidedly NOT the best eating/tracking week since I’ve been on WW. Patrick was working a lot of night shifts and I slacked off and ordered food in, but the biggest trauma of the week was Friday, when we went to Bourbonnais, IL, to visit his parents.

The day started out lovely, as any day off should — Honey Nut Cheerios with fresh blueberries! Yum. We figured we would drive down to his parents in the morning, grab lunch there and then we were going to cook out for dinner. What I did not plan for in this lovely schedule of eating was the nearly 2.5 hour drive to Kankakee thanks to half a mile of road construction on I-57, an hour-long detour past MY parents’ house and then chit-chat time that prevented me from getting food. By the time we had dropped the puggies off at Casa de Brown, and then proceeded on to lunch, it was nearly 2:00 p.m.  Which is 2 hours after I normally eat lunch, and nearly 6 hours past when I had last eaten at breakfast.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a crabby bitch when I get hungry — well that turns into Hulk-like anger and hostility directed at those within a 500 foot radius of me if my blood sugars drop below a certain point, which they did back when we were in the car.  By the time we got to Jaenicke’s Drive-In, Patrick’s beloved childhood food stand, I was ready to move through the long line like the Kool-Aid Man to get to the food faster.  EVERYTHING they had looked and sounded amazing — breaded tenderloin sandwich, cheese dogs, cheese fries, hot pretzels, sauce buns, Green River, root beer floats….the list goes on and on.

(Note on picture — that’s me, when I don’t eat for many, many hours!)  After spending about 25 minutes waiting for everyone in line ahead of us to get off their dead asses and decide what they wanted to eat, it was finally our turn and we ran to the window, practically elbowing each other in the ribs intending to do bodily harm so that we could be the first to order. I was famished at this point, and about to eat my own arm, so I immediately ordered two cheese-dogs, and cheese fries and the largest diet Coke known to man (hey, at least I didn’t have regular Coke!). Patrick ordered the tenderloin sandwich, 2 sauce buns with cheese, cheese fries, and a root beer float. I scarfed down my food the second I had it in front of me, I was so hungry, and against all better judgment (let’s face it, the rational part of my brain was NOT working or even attempting to make a peep at this point) raced back up to the food stand to order another hot dog. Yes, dear readers, that is right–I feel off the wagon on Friday and ate three, yes, three, cheese dogs.

All three of those hot dogs, and the fries, were AMAZING going down.  However, there really is no saving grace in this situation, other than to say that eating in such a manner at least got me fed (and feeling gross about 20 minutes later) and prevented a mass casualty situation in a small town that likely doesn’t have a level 1 trauma center.

Normally when I indulge in a craving and have something that I shouldn’t eat, or should eat only in moderation, there is a voice in my head asking if that’s what I really want to do, if it is worth it to use my Points on this and if I truly want to proceed. I did not have that at the hot dog stand, which worried me at first. Until I realized that twenty minutes after this eating event, and it was an event, I physically felt gross, bloated and in need of a good, long nap (and possibly a stomach pumping).  As I thought back on that day, I realized that in this instance, perhaps the lack of the voice cautioning me against eating in such a way was okay, as I still have the visceral memory of what it felt like after I ate like a hog before slaughter. It is the memory of that feeling that right now is keeping me in check, because I do NOT want to feel that way again.

This situation also highlighted for me that this is an ongoing, evolving process to change habits that I have had for a lifetime that cannot be modified overnight. Whereas before, falling off the wagon like this incident at the hot dog stand would have resulted in me going on a binge for the next week, eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, this time, I realized pretty damn quickly that I had made a mistake, I already KNEW that I didn’t feel good about the mistake, and I resolved to be better about my eating. That evening, while we were having a little barbecue out back, I had one hamburger, loaded up on corn and veggies, and limited my share of the macaroni salad (though it was VERY good). I did have dessert, but it was a small Blizzard from Dairy Queen and I found I couldn’t even finish it.

Now, all that being said, come Wednesday Weigh-In Day, I was TERRIFIED of what would be on the scale when I got on….in my mind’s eye, I was imagining that 15 pounds had been gained back. Surprisingly, even after the debacle that was the hot dog stand, I was DOWN half a pound! I gave a silent prayer to whatever God was looking down on me and helped make that happen and turned the page on that week.

Lessons Learned: Multiple — have a snack in the car, avoid I-57, do not go to Jaenicki’s, three cheese-dogs will not end well, it is only one day, and I can do this. Final Score:  Kelly, 1; Hot Dog Stand, 0.  Take that!

Goodbye you sack of potatoes!

Yup, that’s right, kids, I was down 3.2 lbs at my Wednesday WW weigh-in and that pushed me past another 5lb marker! Which means I get a sticker:) I do like stickers, which are a visual representation of my success.  But those bastards at WW also took away 2 of my points for food. It is taking me a few days to adjust, but I’m sure I’ll live!

It’s hard to think of 5 lbs being a LOT when I look at what I’d like to lose, but for those who wish to see the visual representation — here ya go — here is what 5 lbs looks like:

THAT is a frightening thought — to think that weight that comprised a sack of potatoes was on my thighs and ass — ICKY! The sweet smell of success is intoxicating enough, but what is more inspirational and motivational is not having THAT come back to my body!  Which is good because I’ve got quite an active schedule of exercise coming up this week between yoga and Zumba (I got my half-price class card this week on MamaLoot, did you???) Until next time, keep it healthy!

Success, You Elusive Little Bastard, You’re Mine!

Well, readers, this past week has been quite an adventurous one for me. I’ve tried new exercise (Zumba), hiked a couple of miles at the Chicago Botanical Garden, (if you’re on FB and we’re friends, check out my pics) resisted the urge to bitch-slap the menfolk at my office who insist on eating cake every day, and stayed on track with my Points (even with wine and eating out). And man, oh man, did it all pay off. I went to my Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning and was down 1.6 pounds from last week.  FUCK AND YES!

While I am super excited about my weight loss this week, the sad thing that I was thinking about on my way to work after weigh-in was that it probably took half an hour of eating to put those 1.6 pounds ON my ass, yet it took NON-STOP discipline to get it off.  (Please Note: I do believe it is a sign of spiritual and personal growth that I am not lamenting how unfair it is that so much work was required to get those few pounds off that got here so quickly and easily. It is what it is.)  It really just goes to show what a process this all is, and how looking at this from a day-to-day and week-to-week perspective, rather than the “big goal” is allowing me to get through this. 1.6 pounds is a drop in the bucket of where I would like to go on WW, but it’s a pretty big drop.

I also set goals last week, for what I wanted to accomplish during the past seven days. How did I come in with those? Well, let’s just say, “check and check and check.”  I wanted to try at least one new, vegetarian recipe for dinner – I made a lovely Pasta Farfalle with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.  I wanted to attend 2 yoga classes, which I did! (More importantly, I would have gone to more than 2 yoga classes if the studio hadn’t been closed for their summer vacation after Monday.) And, I wanted to walk 8 miles, cumulatively during the week, which thanks to my trust little pedometer, I did as well. I also broke out of the mold of what I previously had been doing for exercise and did Zumba (a goal from a few weeks ago was to try a new exercise class) and I liked it (and hurt/almost died) but am going to go back.

So, it is time for a new set of goals for the week to get me through (can you tell I like check-lists?):

  1. We’re going to continue with trying new recipes this week – at least 1 new vegetarian recipe, and 1 new recipe (that may have meat).
  2. Attend at least 3 exercise classes this week.
  3. Make yoga part of my daily routine, even if just at home and doing a few poses to stretch in the morning or relax at night.
  4. Track my cravings for foods — part of this for me is that I need to learn what my weaknesses are, my triggers and how to avoid them. I think that the best way for me to do this is to track when I start to crave certain things, what was going on and how I get past each individual trigger.
  5. Limit my diet coke intake to 2 per day. I kicked the regular soda habit many years ago, but I still drink diet coke daily.  Multiple times daily. Sometimes, I will not even realize that I have sucked down 6 diet cokes by lunchtime when I’m at work. And even though diet coke is 0 points, it does have aspartame in it, which I should work on avoiding. I figure if I cut back to a reasonable amount, I may even be able to kick the habit altogether. But I don’t want to get crazy all at once…baby steps, people, baby steps.

I’ve also been advised that the menfolk are planning some type of “cake extravaganza” for Tuesday, which if it is pulled off, will quickly become the subject of yet another blog post. In the meantime, I’ve got to keep on keeping on.

A Picture Says 1,000 Words…..

THIS was the scene in the lunchroom at work on Friday, when Graham, Dean, Rob and Nick, decided that they were going to share an entire chocolate cake from Dominick’s, along with TWO PERCENT MILK, while they kvetch to get all caught up on the office gossip.

A couple of weeks ago, these guys got together and decided they would buy a chocolate cake and split it for a “snack” and enjoy it with some milk. (Word on the street is that someone did not particularly like the Boston Cream Pie Cake that had been brought in that day, but I cannot comment on the veracity of that.) Although I was kindly offered a piece of the original deliciousness, they had the cake on a Wednesday, which is weigh-in day, so I did not partake. I did, however, rant that only men would go out and buy an ENTIRE CAKE for a snack, and then proceed to cut it into 4 pieces, which each gent getting a quarter of the cake. Aside from the sheer gluttony of such a decision, only men would have the ability to eat 1/4 of a cake and NOT immediately have it appear on their ass or thighs. The other women in the office agreed with me and confirmed the truth of that comment!

Almost two weeks went by and we did not see a re-emergence of the cake, so I thought it had been a one-time thing.  UNTIL FRIDAY.  At which time, a walk by the lunchroom revealed the four above gentleman partaking in yet another cake, with more 2% milk!!! (Who over the age of 10 drinks anything but skim these days anyway?) Seriously, the torture is just not even funny on that score!

The best part, though, my fair readers, is what they have decided to do for next week, and presumably the weeks beyond  — SHEET CAKE! Their new theory is that if they buy a sheet cake at Costco on Monday, they’ll have enough cake for their daily snack for the entire week, and will save more money than if they buy an individual cake each day.  Although I sincerely applaud the financial stability of this decision, I have to say to them, I NOW CONSIDER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GUYS A PERSONAL TORTURER OF MINE!  There is nothing better than a piece of good cake, and to know that they are going to be enjoying it every day within feet of my desk is an awful bit of knowledge.  However, I am going to turn it into a challenge –> can I resist the temptation and stay the course with my weight loss and food goals? I’m going with yes.  I’ll keep you all updated.

Until then, I bid you all a lovely Saturday!

Why do I need goals, again?

Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is what are my “goals” for this entire process of losing weight and changing the overall structure of my life (which I will get to, keep reading)….but more elemental than this question is why are goals important? Every magazine article I read in Shape, or Self, or Weight Watchers, or Health, starts off asking the question “what are your goals?” But why is this really important?

If you do a simple Google search of “why are goals important” you’ll get more than a million hits to websites that discuss and dissect this very issue, from individual blogs, to studies that one only hopes were official and in accordance with some type of scientific methodology.  Without going into a lengthy review of each such article, as each says essentially the same thing, let’s try to boil it down…without goals we cannot define what we intend to do, how we are doing in the process of it, and if we have accomplished anything.  Continue reading Why do I need goals, again?